Rehabilitation Van for Transporting the Injured Birds.


Newer Van Fundraiser. Get 'em while you can!

Sweatshirt, hoodie, or t's - different colors available.

Enjoy! Please check out this site and support us in raising the funds for a new rehabilitation van for transporting the Injured birds. 

If you have ever spotted a little bird in trouble, picked it up to save it, then wondered "What in world do I do next?"

it's pretty nice to have someone professional who can help rescue you. Or, you've seen a big hawk, or Great Blue Heron that needed help,

but you were afraid to get close to it, we're here for you. But we need a van to get TO you and to transport that bird.

We can't be left out here walking down the road with a pet carrier and net.

Our campaign seems stuck! While we have gotten a few nice size donations, all the little donations will add up if only you will give.

We have a gentlemen who put out a Charity Challenge and will match your donations up to $500. So far he is matching $128. That money is burning a hole in his pocket!!!


If you prefer PayPal, you may send your donation to our email address:




Or, if you like paper checks, we happily accept those.

Mail to:

Songbirds of Northern Indiana, Inc., 304 Water St., Plymouth, IN 46563


What ever it takes, let's get this DONE !!!

Songbirds of Northern Indiana - Build a Building Fund

What a wonderful surprise! One of our supporters worked with a local artist, who is also a supporter, and put together this campaign. Thank you so much, you two. The artwork is outstanding, and the campaign is great. Buy a shirt to help raise funds for a sorely needed building to house and rehabilitate orphaned and injured songbirds.

Hope from Fortwayne, Indiana

Yikes! That's a naked baby bird turned in today, April 15th. That's a full month early. Okay you birds, I know what you

were doing in the snow. This little one's name is Hope. She came to us from Ft. Wayne, IN. Her chances for survival

are very good.

The Little Black and White Downy Woodpecker

little black and white birdHere is the little black and white bird we got in. It's a Downy Woodpecker who hit a car. (The driver

insisted *she* did not hit *him.*) Little Downys enjoy visiting bird feeders especially if suet is offered.

The ones that stay in the woods find hibernating insects under tree bark, insect eggs, and larva, as well

as a little fruit to eat during the winter.


Most woodpeckers do not migrate away from their home territory. This one thinks a bowl is the best

invention ever. Every time the bowl shows up it has mealworms in it. What a deal! Once her broken

wing has healed she'll graduate to the aviary to regain her flight strength. Then FREEDOM!

Adult Male Baltimore Oriole Recovering After Flying into a Window

Hooray for Bumper! He is a handsome, adult, male Baltimore Oriole that had flown into a window and broken his clavicle. He also showed signs of ringworm which has been every where due to our wet summer. Poor guy had to stay in the house for 10 days to take all his medicine, but the last few days he has been building his strength for flying in the aviary outside.

Here's proof that our clavicle wrap works. We caught a quick picture of him flying. Today is his release day. He will undoubtedly head back to Columbia City (IN) where he came from, meet up with his family and soon join in the migration south. Best wishes for your journey, Bumper.

Nestling Hummingbirds are Pretty Rare at the End of August

Babies were still coming in during the Blueberry Festival, so through the magic of volunteers we were able to take care of babies and fundraising at the same time. Whew! We were busy in both places at once.

Nestling Hummingbirds are pretty rare at the end of August, but they grow quickly and will be ready to migrate. Nestling Mourning Doves are not as rare since they don't migrate. Squirrels come in 2 batches of young each year, although the mother squirrel has her pups only once a year either in spring, or fall. So, it is a full house again!



We do wish to thank our valuable volunteers for working hard, and without complaint, during a very HOT Blueberry Festival. (Dave and Brenda Abair).