Nestling Hummingbirds are Pretty Rare at the End of August

Babies were still coming in during the Blueberry Festival, so through the magic of volunteers we were able to take care of babies and fundraising at the same time. Whew! We were busy in both places at once.

Nestling Hummingbirds are pretty rare at the end of August, but they grow quickly and will be ready to migrate. Nestling Mourning Doves are not as rare since they don't migrate. Squirrels come in 2 batches of young each year, although the mother squirrel has her pups only once a year either in spring, or fall. So, it is a full house again!



We do wish to thank our valuable volunteers for working hard, and without complaint, during a very HOT Blueberry Festival. (Dave and Brenda Abair).