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We have a local treasure here in Plymouth, Indiana, I call her the "Bird Lady of
Plymouth."; It is nothing to walk into her kitchen and see wonderful birds of all colors and
sizes flitting around or perched on the kitchen table. 

Her name is Patricia Knight and she rehabilitates injured and sick songbirds that are brought to

her. She has quietly been doing this for a number of years. It might be a humming bird with a

broken wing, a bluebird injured by a cat, or some very young robins blown out of a nest by a storm..

She takes them all in, even the lowly sparrow as she does not discriminate!

Her success rate at returning birds to the wild is quite good.

She has improved other the years as she has

increased her knowledge and skills. She just returned from Cincinnati, Ohio, where she

took a course on treating parasites in birds.

She has always operated on a very small budget using her personal vehicle and home

in her bird work. We have a small board and hold a couple of fundraisers each year to

help her continue her work. She does not draw a salary. She would someday like to

have a building separate from her home to carry on her bird work.

The immediate need right now, and reason for this plea, is that her van is worn out.

She drives a vintage Oldsmobile Silhouette van that is having transmission issues.

Since just last year she has put $1,800 in the van, and the transmission repairs could be upwards of $2,000.

She does not need a new van, just a newer van that is reliable, so she can make the

necessary trips to carry on her bird rehabilitation work.

So.... I am asking all you bird lovers out there and there are many of you, to think about chipping in a small amount to help this
wonderful lady and her small, non-profit organization, Songbirds of Northern Indiana.

Perhaps some of you would consider joining the organization with your donation. We
publish a wonderful monthly newsletter with lots of color photos and stories about the
most recent feathered clients that have been brought in for rehabilitation!

For more information call us at: (574) 936-5140 or email us at:



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Songbirds of Northern Indiana, and
mail to 304 Water St. Plymouth, In 46563.