Rehabilitation Van for Transporting the Injured Birds.


Newer Van Fundraiser. Get 'em while you can!

Sweatshirt, hoodie, or t's - different colors available.

Enjoy! Please check out this site and support us in raising the funds for a new rehabilitation van for transporting the Injured birds. 

If you have ever spotted a little bird in trouble, picked it up to save it, then wondered "What in world do I do next?"

it's pretty nice to have someone professional who can help rescue you. Or, you've seen a big hawk, or Great Blue Heron that needed help,

but you were afraid to get close to it, we're here for you. But we need a van to get TO you and to transport that bird.

We can't be left out here walking down the road with a pet carrier and net.

Our campaign seems stuck! While we have gotten a few nice size donations, all the little donations will add up if only you will give.

We have a gentlemen who put out a Charity Challenge and will match your donations up to $500. So far he is matching $128. That money is burning a hole in his pocket!!!


If you prefer PayPal, you may send your donation to our email address:




Or, if you like paper checks, we happily accept those.

Mail to:

Songbirds of Northern Indiana, Inc., 304 Water St., Plymouth, IN 46563


What ever it takes, let's get this DONE !!!