Corporate Sponsorship


Free and Easy!  If you will use to buy your office supplies from your regular online supplier they will donate a percentage of that purchase to us at no additional cost to you! They donate from their advertising budget.  Just register by clicking on the icon and also down load their shopping window from the Shopping tab.  The next time you shop for office supplies a donation will be given to us in your name. 

If you use as your workplace search engine, every time you make a new search they will donate 2¢ to our important programs.  Now that's Free and Easy!


Our Partners make it possible to have supplies on hand; special formulas, medications, bandages, caging and bedding.  Making a difference is simple, and our Partners like it because it feels great to make a difference all year.  Log on today to be one of our dedicated partners who make monthly gifts that provide a consistent, reliable income stream, allowing us to focus on the important science of returning songbirds to the wild, and to keep those Happy Endings coming.

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

When you partner with Songbirds of Northern Indiana, Inc. you are supporting a very important project; restoring injured and orphaned song birds back into the ecosystem.  

We are non-political and non-controversial.
We specialize in  the care, therapy and re-release of Urban and Woodland wild birds, and the very important Neo-Tropical Migratory birds.  
We specialize in solutions to those problems using up to date medical and nutritional therapies coupled with years of hands-on experience in proper, slow release methods that assure the success of the rescued birds.

As one of our advertisers we will include your Company Name and Contact Information in our monthly newsletter and on our other printed materials for $20.00 per month.

As one of our Sponsors we will include your Logo, Company Name, the word "Sponsor" beside your name, logo and contact information in our monthly newsletter and on our printed materials.  We will also include your Logo with "Sponsor" printed beside your company logo on any banners or fliers we may use, and also on our web site.  All for only $35.00 per month.